Point of Care

Contact Information

Main Medical Campus (Onsite) UH South Rm F2541, 1500 East Medical Center Dr., Ann Arbor 48109:

Point of Care Onsite Hotline:  734-936-6754

Onsite POC e-mail

Valerie Dotson, MT (ASCP), Medical Technologist Specialist-734-615-6027

Scott MacLellan, MLS(ASCP)CM -Clinical Technologist Senior-734-936-7256

Priti Patel, MT(ASCP)CM -Clinical Technologist Senior-734-936-7652

Lee Schroeder, MD, PhD. Director Point of Care Services- 734-936-6718

POC Afterhours/Critical Incident Pager- 32165

Satellite Locations (Offsite) NCRC Building 35 Rm 60G620, 2800 Plymouth Rd, Ann Arbor, MI 48109: 

Point of Care Offsite Hotline:  734-232-5555

Offsite POC e-mail 

Karen Barron, MT(ASCP), CHC, Administrative Manager Intermediate Healthcare – 734-647-7539

Katherine Li, MLS(ASCP)CM SBB(ASCP)CM -Clinical Technologist Senior-734-232-5553

Andrew Szczembara, C (ASCP)CM –Medical Technologist- 734-647-7497

Nick Wesener, MLS (ASCP)CM - Clinical Technologist Senior- 734 -252- 5556




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