Point of Care

Point Of Care - Onsite Testing Procedures  

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Job Aids
Accu-Chek Inform II- Glucose


Alere iScreen DX Multi-Drugs of Abuse Urine Dip Test

POC Urine Drug Screen Jobaid

Quick Tox Drug Screen Facts

AVOXimeter 1000E- Oxyhemoglobin


AVOXimeter 4000- Oxyhemoglobin (%O2 Hb)


ATAGO Refractometer- Urine Specific Gravity

Atago Refractometer Job Aid

Chemstrip 7- Macroscopic Urinalysis  
Chemstrip 10- Macroscopic Urinaysis  
Clinitek Status +- Urinalysis (Multistix 10 SG) Urinalysis Clinitek Status®+ Analyzer Quality Control
CoaguChek XS System- Prothrombin Time/INR Coaguchek XS Job Aid
DCA Vantage- Hemoglobin A1C

A1C DCA Vantage QC Job Aid

DCA Vantage A1C Maintenance Job Aid

Equipment Cleaning and Expiration Date Guide
GEM Premier 3500  
Hemoccult II Sensa- Fecal Occult Blood  

Hemochron Signature ELITE System- PT/APTT

Hemochron Signature ELITE- ACT (HR)  
Hemochron Signature ELITE- ACT (LR)  
I-Stat 1- Creatinine Determination iSTAT Cartridge Filling Guide
I-Stat 1 (6+/E3+ Cartridge)- Electrolytes/Hct/Glucose/BUN iSTAT Cartridge Filling Guide
I-Stat (CG4+, EG7+, & Chem8+) Blood Gas/Lactate/Electrolytes/BUN/Creat/iCal/Gluc/HCT iSTAT Cartridge Filling Guide

I-Stat 1 (CG8+)- Blood Gas/Electrolytes/Glucose/iCal

iSTAT Cartridge Filling Guide
Microscope Maintenance Log
NitraTEST paper- pH Determination  
Nova 8-Na+/K+/iCal/iMg/pH/Hematocrit  
OSOM Ultra Strep Test (25 test kit)  
PPM Post Vas  
PPM UA PPM MiChart Order/Entry-Urine Microscopy
PPM Vaginal Wet Prep  
ROM Plus Cassette  
Rotem Thromboelastometry  
SERIM PyloriTEK - Helicobacter pylori Detection  
Sure-Vue Urine hCG Strip- Urine Pregnancy  
Sysmex XP-300 Analyzer Complete Blood Count (CBC)