Equipment Inventory Help


Work Instructions

Laboratory Equipment Owner Decontamination | Environment, Health & Safety (

Training Video

Complete Equipment Inventory Dashboard Zoom Training

Start to 2:50 Navigating to the Dashboard
6:05- 6:30 Navigating to the Dashboard (2nd Time)
6:55- 8:38 Objective, Success Criteria, Agenda for Training
8:50- 9:07 Add Dashboard to Favorites
9:17-12:30 How to Decommission a Piece of Equipment
12:45- 17:37 How to Change the Location for a Piece of Equipment
16-20-16:52 How to Change a Photo in the “Updating Entry” Pop-Up
18:05- 24:11 How to Create a New Entry
24:22- 25:50 How to Upload Preventative Maintenance Documents
26:00- 30:00 How to Create a Dummy Entry for High-Volume Equipment Categories (Pipettes, Microscopes, Centrifuges)
32:38- 40:14 How to Add Supplies
40:19-  41:45 Handbook- Supplies Used Table Overview (input for Cost per Test)


Other Videos

Adding Test(s) To Equipment

Creating Dummy Entries for High Volume Equip Categories

Decommissioning Equipment Tutorial

Location Update Tutorial

Uploading Preventative Maintenance Docs and Filtering to View Dummy Entry